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Business Cards
Licensing Rights
12pc- Vendor Assorted Pre Packs
1-S / 2-M / 3-L / 3-XL / 2-2XL / 1-3XL
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72 Pc Dealer Kit 6S/12M/18L/18XL/12XXL/6/XXXL-
                                                                                            Independent Dealer / Representative policy

As a Representative of Dirty Rat Brand Clothing Co, we ask all Dealers / Representatives to Maintain the highest level of professionalism as possible.

Dirty Rat Brand, will supply the Dealer / Representative with the current annual collection of printed designs & apparel products.

Dirty Rat Brand, offers a 6 dz Start up Pack which will include the following:

* 6 - dz  T- Shirts

* 1 - Dirty Rat Brand Banner

* 50 - Brochures.

* 50 - Order Forms.

* 250 - Business Cards with your company info

* Licensing rights for Mopar & Ford designs.

* An assortment of show giveaway promotional swag items.

Dirty Rat Brand, will help you succeed every step of the way, with Monthly Meetings, Email, Chats, Blogs & Press Postings when available.
Dirty Rat Brand, will also provide you with New design releases & availability, new products, merchandise & accessories plus website, social media support & advertising.

Wholesale and Map pricing will be provided upon Dealer application Approval.
A Dealer code will be issued for website sales which will offer 35% commission on all www.DirtyRatBrand.com sales generated by your leads.

“Written or electronic consent must be received from Dirty Rat Brand, for you to duplicate our trademarks, copyrighted logos and/or artwork.
Failure to receive consent will result in suspension of Dealers and Representatives rights and relationship with Dirty Rat Brand”.

Dealer / Representative Responsibilities:
**Show space fees, rent or donations.
**Business insurance and / or liabilities.
**State, Federal & Local Taxes.
**State, Federal & Local Laws.
**Car show policies and regulations.
**Display equipment, tables, racks etc.
**Secure placement of product & display. Safe work area including booths, tents & open area space.(Pop Up Tents are
Highly Not Recommended)
**Refunds, exchanges 100% customer satisfaction and relationships with our customers.
                                                                                           Copyright & Trademark Policies
Copyright infringements must be acknowledged and avoided. Any fraudulent copyright /trademark merchandise must not be displayed with, by, near or produced on any Dirty
Rat Brand
Should any circumstances arise, the Dealers and Representatives are fully responsible for their actions and legal ramifications which will follow from State, Federal, Local

Dealers and Representatives must acknowledge,
Dirty Rat Brand Clothing Company are the wholesalers of branded merchandise only. All business functions of the Dealer /
are solely the responsibility of that Business Owner or Manager.

Dirty Rat Brand will not be held legally responsible or liable for any actions, liabilities or illegal operations of our Dealers / Representatives business functions, operating
procedures, display setups or mannerism.

Additional policy notes;
As a Dealer / Representative, Dirty Rat Brand encourages your help & support for others within your community by attending Fund Raisers & Benefit Car Shows.
Please acknowledge the main mission of the Brand, which is:  "To help others wherever & whenever we can". A small donation or promo items are suggested at your venues.
It is very important to give back when we can, before we take in. Success will surely follow.

Thank You,
Mike Misko
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