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A Family of Dirty Rat Brand Fans
Carteret, NJ Show
Hot Rod Culture
Clothing Co.
Hot Rod * Rat Rod * Biker * Rockabilly & Speedshop Designs
" Livin' Life In the Fast Lane "
T-Shirts * Workshirts * Jackets * Hoodies * Hats & Acc's
Who We Are & What We Do

Welcome to the Dirty Rat World of
" Hot Rod Culture Clothing."

We are no strangers to the Apparel industry.
Dirty Rat has been printing
Hot-Rod style shirts and garments for several years.

Our mission, is to provide Our Awesome Hot Rod, Ol' School, Motorcycle &
Vintage Styled enthusiasts a Great Reliable, Long Lasting product at an
affordable price.

Dirty Rat, spends endless hours deciding on the best designs to print on
quality work-wear. We choose a silk screen process which is heat applied.
This method provides the softest, natural feel & the most durable to
withstand use and abuse.

Next of course, is the garment. Red-Kap, Gildan & Anvil have a proven
track record to be the most rugged in the field. Color fade & tear resistant
to your extreme lifestyle.

So why choose
"The Dirty Rat Brand" when there are others printing
similar garments?
Yes, there are others who print on Garments. But, Our difference is
Satisfaction. If our customer is not Satisfied, we are not Satisfied. Which
simply means...100% guarantee or a full refund if you do not agree your
purchase meets your standards. You all work hard for your cash & your
purchase with
Dirty Rat should be the Greatest Experience & Best
investment you make.

This leads to Commitment.
Dirty Rat Apparel has a deep & true
commitment  in what we do, what we produce and what we sell to Our
Customers. Most of all, what we believe in. It is a Hot-Rod passion like jet-
fuel in the blood. The designs are cool & bring us all back to a time when
things were Built To Last.
A true passion of designing, of exploring, creating products people love.

Dedication, We are out there with you, we set up and provide apparel to our
local Car shows, Cruise Nights, Clubs & Events every week.

Dirty Rats Dedication & Reputation speaks for itself.

Thank You & we will see you Greasers out there!

Got my shirt from
great work! They are a great source
for all your hot rod apparel! If your
looking for some cool designs check
them out. I got the cut off sleeve denim
shirt. Gary K.
Kool new 2017 line wow.... Rich
8 years now and is one of our best
liked, better then most other car
shows. Their Great choice of shirts,
hats, glasses, hoodies, are that good
that why we enjoy his company at our
shows and always will hope you sell a
lot of shirts and hoodies
I will need your business in the future. I
have some ideas.
Also I would love to invite you to an
entrepreneur meeting. Margaret R
You made this year as special for
those showing cars, as we made it for
you! Congrats on the award-  Harry
I got a chance to visit your company's
site last night. Awesome stuff! Really
cool designs. Great to talk with you
yesterday at your shop. Looking
forward to seeing some of your art
work / shirts. Very, very cool. Doug
My jacket came in! Looks great and fits
like a glove! Red Kap was a good choice.
I have been wearing Red Kap for 15
years... Thanks. PJ
Love it THANK YOU…
We may need to order 2 more dickies
got the Corvette shirts that you sent me
- thanks so much!!  They are great!!!  
and I wore the '70 Stingray shirt to a
local car show / event last Sunday. Very
cool.  Thanks, again and good luck
selling stuff this season.
Thanks for the shirts yesterday, love
em!! If you get one of those Blue one
with the Dirty Rat head on the front   
Prices are great & quality is
outstanding - great customer service.
Bought a cap and a shirt from Mike,
(Dirty rat band) Great prices!! Mike K
Dirty Rat Brand-Official Apparel Co. of
Kristina's Car Rescue.Check'em out!  
have made several purchases with
Dirty Rat. always a great selection,
quick processing and awesome
personality. designs last & last & last.
been buying for over 6years and they
never let me down. Barbara
My 2nd time buying. have to say,
superior customer service & friendly
experience. Tim
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Dirty Rat Brand
Hot Rod Culture
Clothing Co.
Woodbridge, New Jersey


facebook: dirtyrat.apparelco.1

instagram: dirtyratapparel

Pinterest: Dirtyratbrand

Twitter: dirtyratapparel
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I think your brand rocks!  I admire your
passion and don’t give up!. Melissa M.
Wow thank u guys!! Me and my wife
love the shirts and wear them proudly!
Guys at work are envious and are
talking about hitting y'all up. once
again thank y and keep sending new
updates in your clothing. JM
Like all the designs on your shirts.
feel like a real pro- - Gasser Al
Your dedication to the Muscle Car
and Hot Rod Community are
appreciated!! Congratulations!!
Well deserved. Your Keep it going!  
Thank you Dirty Rat Brand Apparel
for the awesome T-shirts! We all
rocked them! Chris B.